Microthiol Special

Miticide/fungicide for the control of mites and powdery mildew in French beans, cucumber & tomatoes, powdery mildew on Roses.

Microthiol special disperse acts by contact and through vapour action. When applied to the plant, vapours are released. The powdery mildew mycelium produces hydrogen, which reacts with sulphur to form hydrogen sulphide, a gas toxic to the fungal pathogen.

Small particle size increases the number of contact points with mildew mycelium and in turn, increases the efficacy. Sulphur activity increases with heat and light intensity. Conversely, activity decreases with high air movement because it disperses the sulphur vapour.

  • 25Kg
  • 5Kg
  • 1Kg
  • 500g

  • Sulphur 800g/kg

  • Formulation: Water Dispersible Grannules
  • Registration: PCPB(CR) 0554