Codamin Radicular

Codamin Radicular is a product formulated with enzymatic amino acids and potassium phosphate. It is a triple action product: root stimulation, nutritional and sanitary thanks to its content in potassium phosphate and the fungicidal properties of this component against pythium and phytophthora types of fungi. Codamin Radicular helps plants through adverse conditions: Transplantation, frosts, toxic effects of phytosanitary applications and in general in early stages of any kind of crop.

  • 1 Litre
  • 500ml

  • Nitrogen(2.6%)
  • Phosphorus(9.8%)
  • Potassium(3.5%)
  • Free amino acids(5.0%)
  • Total organic matter(6%)

  • Formulation: Liquid Formulation
  • Registration: NA