Trichotech WP is a biological solution for the control of soil pathogenic fungi and a boost to crop development.

  • 20g

  • Trichoderma asperellum H22

Mode of action
  • Competition – Trichotech WP is a fast-growing fungus that easily out-competes soil pathogens, promoting niche exclusion of potentially harmful microbes, and providing a barrier to combat disease-causing fungi.
  • Antibiosis – Trichotech WP produces chemical metabolites, which inhibit various developmental stages of plant disease-causing fungi.
  • Mycoparasitism – Trichotech WP produces enzymes that enable the fungus to invade and parasitize plant pathogenic fungi.
  • Growth promotion – Trichotech WP increases plant growth vigour by releasing locked nutrients from decaying organic matter; supplying nutrients to plant roots.